Xbox Game Pass User Stream with four times higher probability on Twitch

So... I FINALLY Tried Xbox Game Pass Streaming...
Xbox Game Pass offers more value with big publications on the first day like the upcoming Starfield and a lot of bonuses for subscribers. However, the locking of people in the service seems to have enormous benefits for other platforms like Twitch, as Microsoft has announced today that Xbox Game pass subscribers with four times more likely to stream on Twitch than non-subscribers.

In a new presentation during the GDC 2022 published technology, has been concerned with the statistics behind his ever-growing subscription service, and it looks like he would prove to be a fertile ground for streamer.

That may sound surprising, but Joyce Lin and Eugene Kim from Microsoft explain that players who subscribe to Game Pass to speak for the games they play, and spread the news about social media and streaming platforms like Twitch.

That’s not the only surprising from the conversation. According to Microsoft subscribers after accession averaging 40% more games and players play 30% more genres. The number of players see a 3.5-fold player increase for Triple-A games and a breathtaking 15-fold player rise for indie games.

The best of everything? Xbox Game Pass seems to have an advantage over Steam. When a game is started on Xbox Game Pass at the same time with the same game on Steam, the service attracts average 3.5 times more players than the platform of Gabe Newell.

When it comes to expenses, Game pass subscribers give 50% more than similar users who have no subscription – in view of the impressive value of the service, especially in February, this is hardly a surprise.

All this shows that Xbox Game Pass has a dramatic impact on how we play games, communicate and talk about it. And as rumors suggest more services on the horizon, this helps us draw a picture of how successful they can be.