The Lost Ark team shares new details about the JCJ seasons and rewards

Quick Start Guide to Lost Ark PvP - Modes, Ranks, Rewards & More!
_ ARCA lost_ Players who believe they are quite skilled in the PVP combat will soon have the opportunity to prove it once and for all with the beginning of the first season of Competitive Proving Grounds. This new feature, as its name indicates, will face players with each other when it is launch on March 24 and players will be able to gain rewards and righteous rights based on their actions in competitive matches. Before that launch, the lost, the team shared some details about these rewards and how the seasonal system will work.

To begin with, the first season will last about six months, the lost, the team said. It is a long time for the first season considering that most seasons in games often last three or four months, but we will not have an accurate end date until later. What we do know now, however, is that the combat seasons will make players’ parties worthwhile through the winning coins that will allow you to buy with a new seller that will store weekly and seasonal rewards.

“While you will receive some elements according to your final rank, most PVP rewards will be obtained by accumulating coins through the Proving Grounds game, which can be spent on a new provider located in the main cities». The Lost_Arges_ Update said. “The seller will have a combination of weekly rewards and specific rewards for the entire season. Weekly rewards include XP improvement materials and potions, while rewards for the entire season include cosmetic and functional items, such as mounts, titles and more. Players will be rewarded for progressing through degrees and levels with access to additional weekly polishing materials and other supplier items. “

As players fight in their PVP games, their average competitive start score will increase or decrease according to performance. All you have to do to avoid the decrease in rank is to compete at least once every two weeks, but it depends on you beyond that, make sure it rises from range before the end of the season.

Throughout the season, the best of the best will see their named names above the others in a competitive classification table.

“For those who seek glory In addition to the rewards, the 200 best players from each region can be seen in a competitive starting classification table in the game!” The arca lost said the team. “After the update, you can find a new tab on the Proving Grounds entry board in major cities, titled ‘Competitive Matches’. In this tab, players can queue for matches and see the classification table ».

The Lost Ark The first season of Competitive Proving Grounds will begin on March 24.