Superstar JYPNATION, Stray Kids New Song Additional Update

The fourth generation K pop representative runners have found Superstar Jypnation (Superstar Jypnation) as a mini album with explosive energy.

Stray Kids are launching a mini-album ‘Oddinary’ and title song ‘maniac’ on the 18th. The title song ‘Maniac’ is a popular mall among global K pop fans as a song that contains the personality and unique charm of stray kids members.

The Superstar JYPNATION is developed and operating in Sweet Soft, the new song ‘Maniac’ and ‘Spiderwe’ ‘s new song’ maniac ‘and’ spider-line ‘of Stray Kids, and to play a more powerful energy and feel more powerful energy I said that.

Especially, the Limited theme concept digital card, which was released with new updates, is inserted by the teaser image of the members who received hot interest in the recent immediately after the disclosure, which stimulates the collection of users and fans.

collecting stray kids silent cry le theme + bg image ???????? | superstar jypnation

Comeback memorial events for stray kids returned to the well-membered album are also followed. Once on the 24th, 2 pm (Korea time), once a day in the event of the event period, a compensation such as a digital card pack containing a portrait of a straykiz and a rhythm point can be obtained.

In addition, throughout the Mission Event, which is related to the Stray Kids, there is a “Oddinary” album of the members of the members of the members of the members of the members, and the hot interest of the world’s users.

In addition, the promotional image of the stray kids that conveys greetings to fans commemorating new updates and comebacks of Superstar Jypnation will be disclosed on the 24th on the 24th. Through the video, we can see the various news of Superstar Jypnation, as well as the charm of the plump splashing of the members.