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Fortnite: What is the oldest Skin of the entire game? This was the first store in 2017

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, aspects and cosmetics are practically a more part of the game Although they are fully optional and their purchase does not influence our way of playing. However, just as it happens in free to play games as League of Legends, many let ourselves be carried away by leaving a few euros or dollars in the aspects that we like most. And if there is a game in which there is virtually any kind of skin is the fun Shooter of Epic Games in which they have been able to see innumerable crossovers quite unexpected.

From the protagonist of born of Brandon Sanderson’s haze Until Naruto of the homonymous franchise, passing by Aloy, the master chief or even the Colorado chapulin , a mythical character of Mexican television and that so many joys He has given his village throughout the 90s. But this time we will not talk about the crucocious _Crosonsovers or the more expensive… This time we will talk about the longest aspects of all the Battle Royale and the pioneers of a movement that He began to be giant after several years of unparalleled success.

The first fortnite store in 2017

As you can see in the image of just above, the store is far from how it is now . If today we can buy several skins the same day and look forward to every day that will take Epic this week, more than four years ago we did not even have more than two options and the aspects were not entirely different from those that existed by default.

When we talk about first skin as such, we see that the soldier Skull was the Primoice in Fortnite, although it did not come alone since it was accompanied by the mythical aspect of military demon ** that many times it was a very player Well in the first months of the game.

The renegade was also one of the first, but it is true that it was extremely basic if we compare it with the two previous ones. If we already talked about the first crossover as such with another franchise, we would have to overcome several months later to see the first great event with Thanos on the occasion of the exit of Avengers: EndGame.

10 FIRST SKINS RELEASED in Fortnite Battle Royale! (These skins are OG)
It was the first time we could control a “famous” character but in a limited way, so to talk about a skin that we can buy we have to go back to the end of 2018 with Marshmello and the exclusive concert of her inside the game.