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Webzen Muorini 3, released the month of the month,

[Data provided: Webzen]

** \ – Webzen , after the release, maintaining the top of the domestic app market in Korea

WEBZEN MU Online : MU Season 3 Trailer
** \ – Increase the game server and ‘Abys Battle’, ‘Under Castle’, etc.

** – , ‘Boots collection events’ and ‘Affiliate Event’

Webzen’s New Mobile MMORPG is on the month.

Webzen’s is based on the top of the domestic app market sales for a month on the basis of today (23). was released on February 23, after the sale of Google Playstore sales ranking in the week, and now he is the 6th place.

At the same time, the game server that originated to five first days of release has increased up to 41 in a month, and it is expected to continue to have a new game member to join the official community, and the long-term invitation of the Muorini 3 is expected.

Webzen is increasing the distance of the game server preparing for additional game servers, and according to the growth rate, and to earn a high-level game content such as ‘Abyss Battlefield’ and ‘Under Castle’.

In addition, it also released a variety of images about to announce the game. In the Webzen YouTube channel, you can see the TV advertising and makeup images of the game, as well as the game feature, and the game feature can be checked.

In addition, Webzen prepared a variety of events for the user of the Muorini 3>.

If you participate in the ‘Strongest Guild Selection Competition’, you can get a ‘ride: phantom Tiger (duration),’ Majang, ‘, and’ level achievement event ‘, and in the “Level Achievement Event”, Compensation can be obtained.

It also opens ‘spoil collection event’ until March 30th. When synthesizing the field monster in the game and collecting ‘Mu’, ‘Orinin’, “3 ‘, which is paid at a certain time,” Costume (permanent)’ It is possible to acquire.

Webzen is also active in affiliate events. From March 25 to March 25, you will order chicken from ‘Nenjin’, or purchasing event lunch at the ‘Seven Eleven’ convenience store until March 31, paying useful game items.

New Mobile MMORPG More information on game information and events, etc. can be found in the Official Community .