Overwatch 2 accidentally filtered by XQC

The popular Streamer XQC filtered a little bit of vigilance 2 in its current recently. Blizzard Entertainment recently confirmed that it would organize a beta version of Overwatch 2, which would give fans the opportunity to test the game before its launch. The test will be held in April, but another test will be held before that date. Blizzard is performing a much more exclusive private beta test with its own employees and several professionals _Supervision, players and creators. This test is under NDA, so everything must be a secret in the foreseeable future, but, of course, accidents and leakage occur.

Supervision The player and the Twitch transmitter XQC went to play the first game in his transmission, but they accidentally opened it. Digilance 2. In a short YouTube mapping channel clip, you can see that it released a game test server version instead of the commercial version. As soon as the game began to load, XQC realized his mistake and panicked, closing the game. His friends made fun of him when he said: “Oh, my God, I’m going to go to the damn jail.” XQC tried to move forward, noticing that it was not intentional. Since there was nothing important in the transmission, it seems unlikely that Blizzard will do something to punish it, but it is a fairly fun mistake.

xQc Leaks Overwatch 2

Blizzard has already outlined some of the changes you are making for -relocating 2, but it is likely that they are even more after the launch of the most inclusive beta version. To begin with, the long-awaited PVE element of Overwatch 2 will be launched separately from the PVP. Blizzard has noticed that this is to get the game faster and allow fans to enjoy the content at a faster pace, but a window has not been given for PVE mode. At the moment, there are not even many details about this new mode.

Digilance 2 does not have a launch date, but it is expected to be launched on the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. You can find more of our coverage by clicking here.

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