Fortnite: Wie man Boot Camp

With Chapter 3, Season 2 from fourteen days With us you make up new challenges. From modes in which you can not build, to capabilities to skid the card, find a whole range of different things you can do. If you do not collect Omni chips, you may find a way to challenge your skills and maybe learn new ones.

That’s where the Bootcamp Challenges come in the game. You will find that you will learn new skills every week, and since there is no specific location for the boot camp, you can put these challenges at any time. Find out with our helpful guide as you fill it and what you are!

Fortnite – Bootcamp Challenge

On your screen, prompts with display Jonesy appear in the top left of your screen with different prompts and challenges you need to complete. The first one you probably meet is the Sprint Challenge , which is easy enough. Everything you need to do to master this challenge is A 5 seconds sprinting . That’s it! First step, done!

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The second challenge, the Mantling Bootcamp Challenge , is somewhat more difficult to complete, but by no means impossible. What you need to do is coat within 3 seconds after the sprint on a projection , so in this case the key to success to find a small building on which one can hold on. You also have to Coat on rock projections to reach higher places , so you do not just have to cover the site, but also climb up. Easy enough, and the second challenge is now completed!

The third and last challenge for the challenge is the glide challenge. You have to slip overall 20 meters If you make sure you have a quick start, you can master this challenge with ease. As soon as you have finished the slip request, you are ready for this week and just have to wait for the next boot camp challenges.

Since these challenges continue to emerge, we can expect them to become more difficult. Since new players are still added every day, they can begin to increase the difficulty of these challenges to further improve the capabilities of players and put their fortnite knowledge on the sample. The first challenges are quite simple, but sometimes a refresher has not hurt anyone!

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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