Are Kohfeldts players to green behind the ears? boss

The boss critic missed this time a muzzle. Max Kruse renounced the Dazn-Micro on Sunday evening, it would have been interesting what the Wolfsburg Winterszugang had had to say. It may have been similar to similar just one week in Freiburg when the offensive man had set his defensive teammates after 2: 3: “We, said German, defended shit.” Or: “We just can not get such gates.”

But against Leverkusen it has happened again. Individual mistakes of Aster Vranckx, Pavao Pervan and Ridle Baku cost at least one point, but also the offensive left their chances. If coach Florian Kohfeldt says that his team “had a tick of the gateful chances,” the votes may be. Likewise, the VfL structured football plays as still in the desolate round. And after all, there are these opportunities. Nevertheless, still not the feeling has been set that the VFL is now completely carefree by this residual season. Seven gaming days before the end of the season, the lead on the relegation rank 16 is only five points, the next two games after the country break in Augsburg and against Bielefeld could be trend-setting. In the Hinserie, the VFL came from these games four counters (1: 0 and 2: 2) – and then no more. That can not be repeated.

21. March 202205: 05 minutes

Wolfsburg Winterszugang Weekly Drive from 21.3.2022

Wolfsburg Winterszugang Weekly Drive View of 20.3.2022


Wolfsburg Winterszugang Weekly Drive from 14.3.2022


Wolfsburg Winterszugang Weekly Drive: 6.3.2022


Wolfsburg Winterszugang Weekly Drive from 27.2.2022


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The fact that Kohfeldt, who took over for Mark Van Bommel at the end of October, is still emphasizing the way on the target straight of this season, on which one is facing, shows that the VfL Wolfsburg has its so favorable starting position last summer than man as Champions League participants have the opportunity to invest around 50 million euros in the squad in the sand. Moreover, the cadres screams for a greater change, as some problems do not disclose problems in this troop in which the own drive holds within limits. Not from the sporting tour around Jörg Schmadtke, not from Van Bommel, so far not by Kohfeldt. “Where we have to go,” says the coach, “is that everyone is aware of the place at any time.” That would be time, yes.

Are the VFL players to green behind the ears?

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So where is this Wolfsburg way, “on which we”, so Kohfeldt, “must grow up in the square”? Is the problem actually the youthfulness, the lack of experience, which is a VfL success in the way? Are the VFL players just to green behind the ears? Sure, with Vranckx a substitute 19-year-old lost the decisive ball in midfield. Previously and even afterwards and at all this season, however, the squad gives abundant experience and individual quality to play better and successful football. Routine in all teams, but no constance. Nevertheless, Kohfeldt stresses: “In some situations, we are not growing upside down. That’s a development process.” This, so the coach, do hurt, “but is inevitable. Learning from experience.”

This should not be necessary for Knipser and Critic Kruse. And yet, he has now been two months of this team, which remains constantly fluctuating in their appearances with him. Kruse, since this weekend 34 years old, orders the VfL game, has always its moments. Against Leverkusen a long ball on Kevin Mbabu, the Kruse would probably have recycled. Or his socket on Lukas Nmecha, who slipped freely in front of the Bayer goal.

Kruses fitness does not seem to be enough for 90 minutes

However, with increasing playing time, Kruse gives himself slower over the field, his fitness seems to be hardly enough for 90 intensive Bundesligamine. This is representative of his team: Against Leverkusen, which had two English weeks in the bones through the Games in the Europa League, the VFL ran three kilometers less and was also clearly behind the supposedly tired opponent with the sprints (249: 284). Greed and passion in every game phase is not a question of age and experience, but the attitude. This is also part of the Wolfsburg truth, which is extremely painful this year.