Where to set upward communication with the device next to the sanctuary, Seven Outpost II or SynaPSE Station in Fortnite

The 2nd season of Fortnite Chapter 3 came, and the players have a set of new quests that need to be performed to earn XP. One of the recovery quests in the game requires the players to establish an upward connection with the device in the sanctuary, at Sinaps Station or Seven Outpost II.

That recovery quests were recently added to the game, and there will be several stages that players must pass. After completing the first two stages, the players will receive 40,000 XP and will open the next stage. At the first stage, players will need to visit any of three places to establish communication with devices.


Players landing in the sanctuary can find an upward connection with the device on the south side of the POI. You can follow the link to the image above to get to this place.

Station Sinaps.

In the same way, if players land at a new point of interest Synapse Station, they can find a device located near the area shown in the image above.

Seven cashposts II

While two other places are called POI, Seven Outpost II – a nameless attraction, located north of Logjam Lumberyard. Light in this place and go to the southern cliff to find the device.

This is the first stage of the quest “Restoring”, and at the next stage the players will have to destroy seven computers and mechanisms in different places to collect fallen data chips. Players can earn tremendous experience points, quickly after recovering quests in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 2.

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