LOL: Commissions for signing for your equipment, the reason for the dismissal of the TSM trainer

The facts rushed quickly this weekend. It only needed to be published by Richard Lewis a text on him was talked about the reasons for the dismissal of Peter Zhang, coach of the League of Legends section of TSM. These reasons have raised a large dust in the American scene, to the point that many people have positioned, or even counted their episodes with the former coach of Team Solomid .

Said text deeper into something that surprised many people. The day before, on Saturday, TSM made official the coach’s departure under a single explanation: “Little Ethical Practices and Conflict of Interests”. A bomb that had not done more than exploding in the center of a club and quite whipped by the controversy in recent times.

_ “We have recently known some very important testimonies about an alleged conflict of interests and unethical practices on coach Peter Zhang. After a preliminary investigation, we have made the decision to finish their contractual relationship immediately. We are working with a legal advisor to complete An investigation “_, commented TSM last Saturday, hours before Lewis’s text in Dexerto.

In this article it was confirmed that the situation had nothing to do with the arrangement of parties or bets on them. It was an “internal issue”. And this internal issue is that, supposedly, Zhang charged commissions by negotiating the signing of a player, some commissions that were also out of market.

It also seems that Zhang would have been asking for many team members to “help with grandparents disease”. This issue is not clear at this time, but in Lewis’s text it is said that he has recovered a large part of these “loans”.

One of the most relevant people when talking about TSM is the Streamer Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. The one who was former club player and a current couple of Leena Xu, president of the team, commented on his stream: “I do not know what to say, but I will say this. He convinced players and workers at TSM to give him between 12,000 and $ 25,000, and before the payment was made, they canceled it “_.

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To this day, perhaps the most interesting is what the LCSPA has said, the Association of Players of the maximum American competition of League of Legends: _ “The LCSPA had knowledge in the last days of the circumstances that led to the exit of Peter Zhang of TSM. An investigation is being carried out to ensure that all players are adequately protected and supported. “_

TSM managed to win this weekend, but it seems that they will not stop being news during these days.