Vienna in Derby Fever: Rapid may hope for sold-out house

The first capital duel in the master group stands immediately outside the door, to which restrictive Corona measures are largely repealed. A Viennese football festival at Derby on Sunday (5 pm) is nothing in the way. In the Allianz Stadium Rapid and the Austria meet for the first time since the reform of the Bundesliga in the upper play-off.

Both club is currently swimming in the success wave. The Austria has won all its five games in 2022, Rapid last written three times in series full. But a trauma accompanies the green-whites in their home since a felt eternity: in the eight derbies so far since the completion of the Alliance Stadium in the summer of 2016, Rapid was not a single victory against the arch rivals. The balance sheet in which no longer so new Hütteldorfer homestead speaks with three violets and five draw clear for the Austria.

Allianz Stadium: up to 26,000 viewers possible

Clash of the Classes - Austria Vienna vs Rapid Vienna | DerbyDays

Next Sunday Marco Grüll and Co. will be able to build a backdrop, which has not been given in a derby for a long time. Until Thursday morning, 33,000 cards were deposited for the 335th large duel of the arch rivals, the Block West already sold out. Rapid is therefore authorized hopes for the first match in front of a full house for years. 26,000 spectators is the maximum capacity of the Alliance Stadium in the Bundesliga.

Most recently – and for the first time since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic – Rapid would have been sold out at the end of November 2021 against West Ham, but the nationwide Lockdown finally caused a ghost game in the Europa League. Rapids so far last home game before 25,000 spectators was Derby on December 8, 2019 (2: 2). Stefan Schwab and Dejan Ljubicic at that time the two-time leadership of Austria through Manprit Sarkaria and Benedikt Pichler.