What is crystallized air in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Fans recently saw gameplay before launching Ghostwire: Tokyo, organized by Bethesda Softworks. During the broadcast, several new elements were presented, and the crystallized ether is one of the most frequent things with which you will encounter, exploring Tokyo.

Crystallized air As described developers, are conventional objects with “particles of spirit”, which can be destroyed for the acquisition of ammunition . The developers mentioned an interesting phenomenon that occurred during disappearance, when “particles of the Spirit” showed these objects, turning them into crystallized ether.

Where to find crystallized ether in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

You can watch this clip with the Bethesdophobal translation of the gameplay before starting to see what Crystallized Ether looks like and how to destroy it in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - PlayStation Showcase 2021:

Players will begin the game for Akito, and they will have to fight with various yokes, visitors and other unknown enemies, exploring the map in Ghostwire: Tokyo. You will find crystallized ether scattered across the entire map , and these things will be useful for quick replenishment of the ammunition during battle. You will often find a crystallized ether in the form of flickering entities floating machines, buggy objects and various everyday items.

Although the transmission of the gameplay before launching showed several things about the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo, players will have to wait until the game is released. Currently, the game is available for prior purchase, and fans wishing to get a game for three days earlier can purchase Deluxe Edition in the PlayStation Store for $ 79.99. Ghostwire output: Tokyo is scheduled for March 25, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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