When in Harry Potters history occurs “Hogwarts heritage”?

The Hogwarts Heritage Action from Avalanche Software occurs during End of 1800s , before the events of the Harry Potter series. Unfortunately, this means that the favorite Trio – Harry, Ron and Hermione – does not appear in the main storyline.

Given the fact that the action of “Harry Potter and the Philosophical Stone” takes place in 1991 This means that many familiar faces from books and films may be absent in Hogwarts Heritage .

Albus Dumbledore, born in 1881 , does not go beyond the picture. This, of course, provided that the action of the game occurs over the years. 1892 And further, and in this case, the future director will be a Gryffindor student who makes its first steps in the magic world. If so, the heritage of Hogwarts is likely to be associated with the events that led to the arrival of Grindevald to power .

The action of “fantastic creatures” is a prequel to a series of books about Harry Potter. 1927 . Because of this, the main character of the Nalamander, the main character of the Nalamander, the main hero of the Nalamander will be absent in the list of characters together with Grindevald and other outstanding wizards and witches.


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