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The new patch Gran Turismo 7 reduces foreign currency rewards, feeding more criticism on microtransactions

A new update for Grand Tourism 7 has been posted today, pupcing the Title PlayStation 5, PS4 to version 1.07 and bringing many minor adjustments as well as the introduction of the mode of diffusion. However, a certain note of updating already arouses controversy within the race simulator community, because it has become clear that a selection of races have seen their rewards in reduced appropriations. The official website of Gran Turismo describes the change as an adjustment of “rewards for events inside the ‘World Circuits’ depending on the driving time and difficulty”.

Gamers are VERY MAD at Gran Turismo 7! - Microtransactions RUINING THE GAME!!

Of course, the complaints surrounding the approach of the game of boiling microtransactions already after its launch, the decision to reduce credit rewards has been considered as a way to push real purchases to customers. While two events have actually seen their earnings after the race increase dramatically, 16 others saw their gains reduced by half or more.

The DISCOR DDM user shared price changes in their entirety (via VGC), and we have translated this information into the table you see below.

Event Original credit reward New credit reward
World Touring Car 800: 24 Hours of Le Mans Racing Circuit 5 000 Cr 70,000 CR
World Touring Car 800: Monza Circuit 5 000 Cr 70,000 CR
World Challenge of Rally: Alsace Village 50 000 Cr 30 000 CR
Champions of dirt: the fishermen’s ranch 65 000 Cr 30 000 CR
Dirt Champions: Sardinia Windmills 65 000 Cr 40 000 CR
Earth Champions: Colorado Springs Lake 65 000 Cr 40 000 CR
GT Cup Gr. 4: High Speed ​​Ring 65 000 Cr 35 000 CR
GT Cup Gr. 4: Brands Hatch GP Circuit 65 000 Cr 45 000 CR
GT Cup Gr. 3: SPA Francorchamps 75 000 Cr 50 000 CR
GT Cup Gr. 3: Suzuka Circuit 75 000 Cr 50 000 CR
GT Cup Gr.3: Autodrome Lago Maggiore 75 000 Cr 50 000 CR
ClubMan Cup Plus: High Speed ​​Ring 35 000 Cr 25 000 CR
Clubman Cup Plus: Tsukuba Circuit 35 000 Cr 25 000 CR
ClubMan Cup Plus: Goodwood 35 000 Cr 12 000 CR
American Clubman Cup 700: Special Route x 30 000 Cr 15 000 Cr
American FR CHALLENGE 550: Blue Moon Bay Speedway 15 000 Cr 10,000 cr
American FR CHALLENGE 550: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca 15 000 Cr 10,000 cr
American Challenge EN 550: Willow Springs Raceway 15 000 Cr 10,000 cr

The criticism of the approach started the day of the exit of Gran Turismo 7, on March 4, 2022, when a range of microtransactions has been put online parallel to the game. Currently, on the Boutique PS , you can buy up to 2,000,000 credits for $ 15.99 £ / 19.99. Then there are other options like 250,000 credits for $ 3.99 / $ 4.99 and 750,000 credits at $ 7.99 / $ 9.99.

As we noted in our Gran Turismo 7 test on PS5 , the option to buy more credits on the PS Store is directly under your overall credit balance. “With the” Refill on the Playstation Store “icon previously displayed under your credit balance, it is clear that you can pay your way immediately to the best cars of the game. During the review process, we are not Never felt in digital money. However, the reduction in the number of credits rewarded on several events could change this and encourage more players to consider yielding to microtransactions.

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