Is Joan Rowling involved to Hogwarts Hougaws?

In the past few years, Joan Rowling theme has become very sharp, especially when it comes to Harry Potter. The author made many contradictory statements about the transgender community, which caused her wide criticism, and many former Harry Potter fans swore no longer support the author. Does this mean that this game also breaks relations with the author?

participation Joan Rowling

Avalanche developers seem to know about the controversial issue with Rowling and made it clear about it in Frequently Asked Questions Page that The author does not take direct participation in creating the game But it supports the studio that does it. However, the developers also make it clear that the game is closely related to the world created by Rowling. Elements and knowledge embedded in Rowling novels are used as the basis for creating the entire game.

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The controversial author may not have a direct relation to Hogwarts “Hogwarts”, the game is still very much connected with Rowling creations. Ultimately, each player himself decides whether he wants to support Hogwarts heritage or not.

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