Why Project 007 is perfect for IO Interactive, according to Hitman Actors

The veteran actors of Hitman, David Batheson and Jane Perry, have shared why they believe that the developer IO Interactive is ideal to face 007. At the end of 2020, the Hitman developer, IO Interactive, announced that he would do project 007, a game Of James Bond tutored provisionally that it is disconnected from any of the movies. It will be the first game of 007 in more than a decade after a rather disappointing streak of activision titles, which became largely the franchise of spies in Obligations- light the last Bond title for consoles, 007 legends, has a painful 45% in Metacritic. To top it off, it was premiered next to the acclaimed _cay of the sky in 2012, creating an unequal couple.

Project 007 | Why IO Interactive Are Perfect for the New James Bond Game

However, IO seems to have what is needed to return Bond all the glory of him in the field of games. In a new interview with comicbook.com, the actors of Hitman David Bateson (Agent 47) and Jane Perry (Diana Burnwood) intervened on why they believe that IO fits perfectly to take over one of the biggest franchises in the history of entertainment. «I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I mean, it’s just because Hitman is so sexy, “said Perry, who also played Dr. Goodhead in 007 legends. “They are so good to capture the luxury of the world, the worlds, I should say, that they are created in Hitman. I think when you think of Bond, you think about that sophistication, and the kind of sexual attractiveness, and glamor and all that. And that is something natural for IO Interactive, they are very practical in that. “

Bateson echoed Perry’s thoughts and talked about how Bond seems to be a natural evolution of agent 47. “Yes, I think it’s not a quantum leap from agent 47 to agent 007,” Bateson said. “But what I do believe is that it is a great compliment to interactive to receive the franchise. I think they see it as a unique game. Well, although I think I was interactive I would be interested in going beyond I think they are only hired for one, but I think they would definitely be interested in future collaboration, so we are both very happy on behalf of IO Interactive «.

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