How to get the line in the sand in Destiny 2

The Line In The Sand is a new linear fusion rifle that was presented at _destiny 2 in the dawn season. It draws a long-range precision shot, with a predictable vertical retreat pattern.

The weapon falls with the random jets, so it can not be withdrawn the collections. To get the line in the sand, you will have to unlock the obelisk of Mars. The line in the sand can be obtained from a Timelost weapon bonus. The particular bonus you need to get to get this weapon is rank 5, which means it will only be available when you improve the obelisk at the Rank of Resonance 5. You can do it using the polarized fractal you get By completing premiums, quests and races of obelisk. in the solar dial.

When you have the obelisk at the resonance rank 5, you can select the premium, then finish the random task that will give you to get the weapon.

The weapon has the following statistics:

Destiny 2: Line In The Sand Damage Tests - Worth Grinding For(?)

  • Impact – 41
  • Range – 36
  • Stability – 32
  • Handling – 33
  • Recharging speed – 31
  • Aim for aim – 60
  • Inventory size – 28
  • Zoom – 25
  • Reclusion – 63

  • Charge time – 533

The line in the sand can drop with the following advantages.

Perk 1

Arrowhead brake, chamber compensator, cork rifle, elongated barrel, fluted barrel, complete bore, hammer forged rifle, polygonal rifle, small bore.

Perk 2

Accelerated coils, improved battery, ionized battery, liquid coils, particle repeater, projection fuse.

Perk 3

Raddle, Genesis, Mobile Target, Threat Detector, Quick Switch, under pressure.

Perk 4

Rampage, firing line, clown cartridge, backup plan, automatic charging, dragonfly.