Vettel and Schumacher under pressure: Year of the decision

She used to be Loews, because the hotel was next door to this name, today she has been officially Grand Hotel Hairpin. What did not change: The left curve in Monte Carlo is one of the slowest corners throughout the Formula 1 calendar. In any case, it is on the city course through some particularly close sweeping, in combination with the new regulations for the cars, the Sebastian Vettel brings an idea. Instead of preparing for the route as usual in the simulator, “it will probably be more meaningful to sit in one of the city buses,” said Vettel at “The cars are much heavier. We just have to do with more mass. And that’s why the driving style must be adapted.”

Vettel still struggles with the right balance, the others are not much better. Landsmann Mick Schumacher has gotten a new team colleague next to a new car at the Haas Rennstall. Because it became the Dane Kevin Magnussen, and not Nico Hülkenberg, it remains with two German drivers in Formula 1, so many also places Spain and France. For Vettel and Schumacher, 2022 could become a year of the decision.

“Man, the car has become big”

752 kilograms were allowed to weigh the Bolids in the previous year, at the first tests it had to be 795 kilos and for a week even 798 kilos. Almost a Zentner more – these are worlds in a high-tech sport like the formula 1. and Vettel’s new Aston Martin acts particularly bullish. “Man, the car has become big,” says expert Marc Surer in the new special heritage motorsport of the Grand Hotel. Whether it has become fast enough, the start of the season should show this weekend in Bahrain. There are some doubts.

Aston Martin wants to fight the World Cup at the latest 2026

Of course: Vettel has to and wants to get more points than in the past season. At that time he had entered the failed World Cup project with Ferrari at the British racing car builder. A re-start for both. At Aston Martin, however, it soon realized that it is not enough for the James Bond image for front places. The five-year plan of Rennstall owner Lawrence Stroll sees, at the latest 2026 to fight the World Cup.

A second place in Baku was succeeded Vettel 2021, twice he came to the finish as the fifth, in the end of State 12 in the driver’s World Cup, a place in front of teammate Lance Stroll, the son of the boss. Stroll Senior exchanged the line, the Luxembourg Mike Krack took over the racing team, he knows Vettel from his early time in Formula 1 at BMW-clean. A new factory and a new wind tunnel are under construction and should be finished until next year.

Now Vettel is in its 16th season in the royal class, four times he was with Red Bull world champion, but the last title is back nine years. Aston Martin builds on the experience and the can of the 34-year-old to bring the team forward than on the disappointing 7th place in the Constructors World Cup. How long his contract is still running, nobody officially announces from the team. It will also be exciting as patient stroll is waiting for progress of his stars, whom he calls his “best paid employees”. But Vettel not only sees itself athletic this season particularly in the duty.

Vettel attacks as a fighter against the war and climate change

The Hesse has long since become a political driver like Lewis Hamilton. He did not make a secret from the fact that he chose the Greens at the last federal election and of course he knows what contradicts there in the life of a race driver who constantly devastates through the world. That his team is now also the name of the Saudi Arab Petroleum Giant Aramco in the name, does not make things easier. Vettel still occurs as a fighter against climate change and for sustainable solutions. And even to the war in Ukraine he quickly found significant words; Even before the Grand Prix was painted in Russia, he had already announced his boycott.

Mick Schumacher also raised the voice against Putin’s attack on the neighbors. He was in a very special situation: Schumacher’s Haas team, actually in US possessions, was still in Russian colors, the fertilizer billionaire Dimitry maepin had not only estimated 30 to 50 million delivered to the narrow budget of the racing stall, but Also put his son into the cockpit. Nikita mazzin, however, was overwhelmed from the beginning in the royal class, 20: 2 was the duel in qualifying for Schumacher, 16 times the German in the race before the Russian came to the finish. The maepins are now also history in Formula 1, as their sponsorship millions, the team boss Günther Steiner now has to rise otherwise.

But the question remains open: How fast is this Mick Schumacher really? In the completely inferior Haas-Ferrari was hardly more in it as the 12th place in Hungary. The team was fully concentrated on the new regulations this year, the test drives give a slight reason for hope, Schumacher claims bravely: “We have a good car.” The soon 23-year-old son of the record world champion knows how to behave in the shark basin Formula 1.

Dominates Schumacher also Magnussen?

Because Michael Schumacher can not be at the track, Vettel has been taking the mentor roll for Mick for some time now. He can not be fooled by the constant comparisons with his father, even in the hustle and bustle around the maepin and the entry of Magnussen he seemed quite left. It significantly changes his role in a team. Magnussen has already completed 119 races in Formula 1, from 2017 to 2020 he was already under contract with Haas. Schumacher is only in his second season, but he should also dominate the 29-year-old Magnussen athletic, that would be a finger. “I know what I can,” says the German self-confident.

Michael Schumacher's Gift to Sebastian Vettel in His Last Ever F1 Race

Again a Schumi in Ferrari – a dream for the TIFOSI

Finally, you look very closely in Maranello. For years, Schumacher has been part of the Driver Academy of Scuderia Ferrari, which supplies Haas with engines and parts. Last season, the engineers praised how precisely the rookie can describe their impressions of the route. That’s what the once was the case with Michael. That’s why the next step could be followed this season. Mick Schumacher is at eleven of the 23 races replacement driver at Ferrari. Should Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz fail, he may take over. Again a Schumi in the Ferrari – a dream for the Tifosi.

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