Cave Sandbox Survival “Core Keeper” Sales 250,000. Mach achievement with one week from delivery

Developer PugStorm announced on March 14th, the sales of Cave Sandbox Action Games “ CORE KEEPER ” broke up to 250 million. This work has started early access delivery for PC (STeam) on March 8, and it achieved a week for a week.

Mining, Building, Crafting and Fighting To Stay Alive! Underground Stardew Valley? Core Keeper [E1]

“Core Keeper” is a sandbox action game that sets the underground cave. In addition to solo play, it also supports online cooperative play with up to eight people. The player will survival as a prospective explorer who is lost in the mysterious underground world. Create new tools and materials in crafts while digging randomly generated vast maps, fighting against enemies or acquiring resources. Then we will build and expand the base, and advance the search.

This work has surpassed over 100,000 in two days from the start of distribution. This is the fastest record in the title of the seller Fireshine Games (formerly Sold OUT). And it is a thicker with more than 150,000 bottles in 4 days. The number of simultaneous connection players in this work is also on the right side, and the first day of the release has surpassed 7,000 people. Then approximately 5,000 people will increase every day, and nearly 30,000 people. As is proportional to this, it seems that the degree of attention in the game play delivery of this work in Twitch is also rising (steamdb).

In the user review of this work in STEAM, it is a situation where 93% of the approximately 2,600 per 2600 are well received “very popular”. There are many people who recall works such as “Main Craft” and “Teraria” and “Stardew Valley”, and the fun as a sandbox game is particularly evaluated. On the other hand, there is also a point that is considered to be a shortage of difficulty, and a lack of balance adjustment. This area has just started early access delivery, and it will be watching how to develop development in the future.

Early access delivery of this work will be held until the end of 2022. As a future roadmap, new stage environment, mechanics, and content are added by updating, referred to as “The Sunken Sea”. In addition, for subsequent updates, environments and pet elements for desert crystals, adding plates, and enhancing the character customization, and adding an emotor. It seems that the addition of localization language and porting to console are also planned.

“Core Keeper” is delivering early access to PC (STeam). In addition, a looping sale that can be purchased off 10% off this work is until March 16, Tomorrow.