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Sylvana’s windmen carries many titles in World of Warcraft: Bansheekönigin, the dark princess, forest-ranker or Queen of the abandoned. Most naughty witnesses from a tragic fate that shapes their story until today. After her death, Sylvanas was damned to lead a life as an outsider. For a long time, she satisfied with her role as a leader of the undead. Only the return of Lichkönig in Wrath of the Lichking attracted them out of the lower city. After the death of Arthas, Sylvanas voluntarily crashed into death from the bands of the Ice Crown Citadel. But with that their story was far from end.

Today we know that Sylvanas’ soul landed in the Schlund after her sudden dock in Wotlk, where she met for the first time on the Chairman. He was in the following years the driving force behind the deeds of the Bansheekönigin. Her alliance ended in the sanctum of rule, as Sylvanas rebelled against the Champion master. Finally, she got a part of her soul, which Zovaal had stolen her once. Since then Sylvanas is looking for salvation in the Shadowlands .

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Sylvanas has always been a controversial figure in Warcraft games. Her tragic history still attracts not only numerous players in their spell, but also the bestselling author Christie Golden. She is the author of over a dozen World of Warcraft books and she wrote almost 60 bestseller novels for legendary franchise as Star Wars, Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons.

In the next WoW book Christie Golden tells the whole story of Sylvana’s wind runners. Source: Blizzard Christie Golden designed the story of WOW for over 20 years. Thus she belongs to Chris Metzen, Sam Didier and Co. to Blizzard’s virgin stones. About five years ago, her career made a huge jump as Blizzard offered her post as full-time senior writer for World of Warcraft (Buy Now). In an interview, Golden talks about her work and reports how happy and proudly makes the job as a senior writer.

The author also has every reason to be proud of their work. Christie made the story of Warcraft from the beginning and pressed Azeroth such a her own stamp. Did you know that the two moons of Azeroth Christies’s idea were? Or that she gave Thrall’s mother draka her name? Wow is full of small story details that the spring of Christie Golden has sprung. However, whereupon the author is particularly pleased, the publication of your next WoW nomans with the simple title “Sylvanas” is. After several shifts, the book appears in a few weeks on 29 March 2022.

In an interview, Christie Golden talks about her work at Blizzard, the constantly changing gaming world and its upcoming novel, in which she tells the whole story of Sylvana’s windmen. We have summarized the most important passages from the conversation with the author for you again. The original blog post is found on the official site of Activision Blizzard.

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