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Elden Ring: Was bewirkt Remembrance of the Dragonlord?

After the fight and victory over the massive, two-headed Drachenfürst Placidusax in Engdenring, you get a great device. It’s something that requires your time and effort but provides great results in the fighting you will face. After defeating this enemy, you get the memory of the Dragon’s Lord But what really benefits you?

Well, follow us as we explain to you what this unique item can offer you and why not only for Melee users, but also for Magic users is a great choice. Find out how you can activate the true forces of memory of the Dragon Footers with this Elden Ring Instructions!

ELDEN RING – Memory of the Dragon Footers

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After the epic struggle between humans and animals, they want to hold back to the Roundtable and talk to Enia to make them transform the memory into one of two different objects from which they can choose. You have the opportunity to claim the powerful Cragblade of the Dragon King or the magical The ruin of Placidusax and both items are great to take you on your trip.

The Cragblade of the Dragon King is a mighty weapon, brings 92 physical damage to the table from the bat, with a additionally 59 lightning damage What makes this a great weapon for dealing with the other * Dragon you will meet on your way to become an Elden Lord. You will also see a lot of protection as you will get 46 physical protection, 32 protection for magic, fire and holy and 46 against lightning. While you scale this weapon with your further strength and skill you get too The unique arms craft thunder cloud shape *, with which you turn into a thunderclous and can overthrow your weapon from the sky. In fact, a very valuable ability!

On the opposite side of the coin you will find The ruin of Placidusax The Golden, Fiery Hint of Speit Drachenfürst Placidusax itself, which makes them even the dreaded enemy. But so powerful this skill is too, you will need a lot to handle the responsibility to wear your flames. This evocation costs 80 FP, 600 perseverance and used 3 slots , but if you can handle the heat, it will be difficult for you to find such a useful ability like this somewhere else in the game. Bringing the power of the dragon to your enemies is authorizing and can do massive damage.

However, if you do not like these options, you can sell this reminder to any dealer around the world for sale 30,000 runes, Which can help you to improve you properly. You can also duplicate this reminder for each mouse colors but you can only duplicate it once per mausoleum.

If you take the time to look for this dragon, you can significantly improve your game as its weapon is not only powerful, his summon can be devastating in the right hands. It will be hard to find a better set in the game, so take the time to find and defeat them.

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