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Live Update from March 10 of Shadow Warrior 3, Revealed Patch Notes

A new -shadow 3 Update is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS NOW. To accompany the release of the update, the Flying Wild Hog developer and the Return Digital Editor have provided the patch notes that reveal and detail everything that does the update. Unfortunately, the update does not do anything very important and does not bring any new content.

While we have the patch notes for the update, we have no information regarding the file sizes of the update, which means that we can not offer any idea how long it will take to download the update apart from that. It should not be a very large download taking into account the smallest size of patch notes.

Next, you can check the patch notes for today’s update, and also the scored patch for the March 8 update if you missed it or because you have just started the game for the first time in a few days.

Notes of the March 10 patch:

  • He corrected that Tanuki did not move after reappearing at the Thunderdome level of Motoko
  • Problems were corrected with the end of the Ice Raft sequence at the fast and hairy level.
  • Solved audio problems
  • Arranged several games.
  • Improvement of saved data stability

Shadow Warrior 3 PS4 Gameplay - Let's Go Demon Hunting
* Level optimization
* Improvements in the location in French

Notes on the March 8 patch:

  • The problem was solved with the raccoon that did not escape in sequence at the level of Moto Cave after the reappearance: the raccoon will now run faster than ever!
  • The too late end of the raft sequence was corrected at the level of avalanche, which often caused the death of the player. We have seen many players who had problems with the raft, hopefully, with this change, the raft will not cause more headaches to the player. base.
  • They corrected a lot of audio problems.
  • Various blockages were corrected: Many of the informed locks have now been solved in the new version, if you find a lock after the update, be sure to verify the game files.
  • Improvement of stability of saved data: There should be no more damaged data, or at least the possibility of such a problem occurring has been reduced to a minimum.
  • Optimization at all levels for a more fluid experience ????
  • Several localization corrections in French.

_ Warrant of shadows 3_ is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, in addition to buying the game directly, those on PC, PS4 and PS5 can access the game through of PlayStation now. Next, you can read more about it:

«The corporate shogun dropped the Wang and its former employer become nemesis converted into a mission orochi zilla embarrassing an unlikely mission to recover an ancient dragon that released from his eternal prison unintentionally,” says an official comment on the game. “Armed with a punishing mixture of blades and bullets, Wang must cross unexplored parts of the world to track the dark beast and move back the apocalypse once again. All he needs is the mask of a dead god, a dragon egg, a touch of magic and enough power of fire to stop imminent cataclysm. “