Elite: Dangerous: Odyssey development for consoles

Today, Elite Dangerous developers have reported and announced that the development of ODYSSEY extension is set for consoles.

David brave reported to all fans with the following words:

“Elite Dangerous is a game that is very important to me.”

Is this the END of Elite Dangerous?!

“It’s no secret that the start of Odyssey was not ideal, including the need to share the PC / console player base to focus on a pure PC start. Since the publication of Odyssey in May 2021, we have worked tirelessly to improve the Odyssey experience on the PC, and although we have made great progress, there is more to do. We have been supporting the codebases before and after Odyssey since then. “

“In recent months, we have the question of how we should continue to continue, and we have made a serious heart to set the development for consoles. We have to be able to drive the story of the game, and to do that, we have to focus on a single code base. Elite Dangerous is continued on the consoles in the current form with critical updates, but on the PC we will focus on new content updates on the post-Odyssey code base. “

“We know that this message is not what our console community has hoped. This decision is not easy for us, but we met you with a view to the long-term future of Elite Dangerous. “

“What the future of Elite Dangerous is concerned, so we are looking forward to giving additional news in due course. David brave “