Lieberknecht and provoked unrest in the squad

The 6: 1 ranger victory from the beginning of October was clearer than the gameplay, Lieberknecht said on Thursday. There was a phase in which the game could have tilted in favor of the sand houses. “We play again – similar to Aue or Ingolstadt – against an opponent, where we realized as a team, that we are not allowed to tackle these games with godmother, but with a certain respect,” explained Lieberknecht. “The mentality also plays a big role.”

In any case, Sandhausen has held vigorously after a messed round with rank 17 in the winter break personnel – among other things with the two ex-lilies players Dario Dumic for the defensive and Erich Berko for the offensive. In the return table, the sand houses are after Bremen’s second best team. The SV Darmstadt 98 is backround – Under this aspect, the meeting of the two teams is a top game (Friday, 6.30 pm, live! At Thursday).


The colorful is history: everything “green” at the lilies

Loveknecht personnel is likely to draw from the full draw. “I get a piece of paper from our Physio department before each workout. Sometimes the very colorful with red for ‘failure’, blue for ‘regenerating’ and green for ‘can be full of training’. Now everything is green. Every player is ready for use. “

Gjasula is available again

What this means for the starting formation against Sandhausen, the coach left open. After Klaus Gjasula has settled his yellow-barrier, his representative Fabian Quickhardt threatens the bank. In the storm, the last luckless Luca Pfeiffer could receive a break. If Kempe would put in the storm as against Rostock, but would be room for quickhardt again. A storm with Kempe and Phillip Tietz castle boss on demand at least not.

Flour and Seydel push into the team

But Marvin Flour and Aaron Seydel also pushes into a team against their strong appearances as Joker against Heidenheim. “I definitely have the agony of choice, as far as the matchday is concerned,” said Lieberknecht. “And then I have to worry about how the first eleven looks like.”

“Resting in the squad” as the desired goal

Lieberknecht is happy about these difficult personnel decisions, which he has brought into account. “I wanted to deliberately boost the competition, that were the stimulus points in the past weeks. And I’ve noticed that we had a certain sense in the squad, because the claims have become larger in the individual players.”

Now is the moment to score and then start a series at the right time.

Torsten Lieberknecht

But not only the demands of the players have become bigger, Lieberknecht emphasized what it currently arrives. “We have become really strong through much what we’ve experienced: red card against Dresden and nevertheless won; Defeats we have put away well. Now is the moment to score and then start a series at the right time,” Says the coach.

Nine games before the end of the season arises in the table-wide quite aware of the awareness of being able to lie down a big litter.