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“F-ZERO X” Add to “Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online” on March 11! “Trick command” at that time must also be

Nintendo has added “F-ZERO X” to “Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online” that can be played by joining a paid service for Nintendo Switch Online + additional packs.

“F-ZERO X” is a race game released in 1998. The “Captain Falcon” is familiar with the “Large scuffle smash Brothers” series is the second “F-ZERO” series of the main character.

Power-up from the first work, such as the number of trunification of the course and the increase in the number of machines, and adding actions. In addition to the main “Grand Prix Mode”, you can enjoy “Time Attack Mode” to challenge your own limit, and “Death Race Mode”, which competes for the time to retire all the machines other than yourself.

In addition, the Nintendo Topics introduces the article and capture techniques of “F-ZERO X” published in the game magazine “64DREAM” at that time. A trick is also a must-see, such as commands where all cups and all machines appear and a deformed machine command that the machine is cute.

The first “F-ZERO” can be played even with “Super Nintendo Switch Online”. It is also good to polish your arms in advance for the delivery of March 11.