The identity of that character in The Batman is confirmed

The Batman Finally came to cinemas last weekend and the fans could not be happier with this new movie. The universe created by Matt Reeves is full of references and winks towards the history of the character, and a particular cameo left us all quite intrigued.

The Batman Director Reveals Identity of That Unnamed Arkham Prisoner

Spoilers for The Batman below

Almost at the end of the movie, we can see the riddle talking with another inmate in arkham , and surely many already know who he is. Indeed, Reeves confirmed that it is another version of Joker , on this occasion interpreted by Barry Keoghan who you will remember for the recent participation of it in eternals .

However, Reeves did not include this character to use it in a possible sequel, but rather it was to give to understand the audience that this version of batman had already passed by some villains of the Gallery of him.

“It’s not an Easter Egg scene. It is not one of those post-marketing scenes of Marvel or DC where it says: ‘Hey, it is going to be the next movie!’ In fact, I have no idea when or if we will see that character in the movies. “

Reeves confirmed that he was already working in a sequel for The Batman , although for now, he only wants to enjoy the success that he had this first part and later he will already be responsible for expanding this universe even more.

Editor’s note: I can not wait to see how this universe is developing over time. I think Reeves did a great job with this movie, and the bases are more than ready to explore in greater detail the character’s future.