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PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version “GTA V” “GTA online” pre-download is started! Function introduction to start a new career

Rock Star Games is scheduled to be released on March 15th PS5 / Xbox Series x | ** Announced that pre-downloading of “has become possible.

PS5 / Xbox Series x | S version is up to 4K resolution, maximum 60 fps graphic mode, improvement of texture quality, HDR option, ray tracing, load time acceleration, and new function of platform-specific new functions, etc. It is a new version with

The player can migrate the progress of the PS4 and Xbox One’s story mode to the Social Club, and you can migrate the progress of PS4 and Xbox One’s story mode now, and you can migrate “GTA Online” character from March 15 (Migration of Bought GTA Money is only between platforms of the same system. All stored GTA money can be migrated regardless of the platform).

If you keep traveling so far in the latest generation console, Hao Special Works experts are full-customized karin S95, and a new chameleon that can be applied to Hao · Special Works racing costumes and all vehicles Paint set is presented.

In addition, the new generation console version “GTA online” implementes the function that can start new carriers. A player who wants to reset new players and characters to send new life, this function allows you to start “GTA online” with business properties, vehicles, weapons, and GTA money.

“GTA Online” Choose one of the four carrier paths from the four carrier paths from the four most popular “Executive”, “Nightclub Owner”, “Night Club Owners”, “Biker”, and received at $ 4 million GTA Money Bonus Let’s allocate what you need for your business. Each carrier offers business and variety-based missions and gameplay. Of course, if you are promoting the game, you can also expand your hands on new careers.

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PS5 / Xbox Series X | S Version “Grand Ceft Auto V” “GTA Online” will be distributed to PLAYSTATION 5 console stores and Microsoft Store on March 15th. Disc version is scheduled to be released in April with the PlayStation console only.