Pokemon fan must have because of Glurak

With rare Pokémon cards very much money can be earned today. However, that has become a US citizen now. He bought a Glurak card and now has to go to jail for three years.

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Pokémon cards are no longer just collecting and playing there **. On YouTube and Twitch, thousands of fans look at how the packets are opened. In one of them could be a rare card hidden, which is worth as much as a whole house.

A US citizen from Georgia must now go to prison because of a particularly valuable Glurak card. The purchase of the card was not illegal. Instead, he had applied for an emergency loan that the government offered as part of the Corona Pandemic. As the Telegraph reports, he actually received $ 85,000 , which were intended for contract payments and rent of a company. The Pokémon fan invested 57,000 US dollars instead in a Glurak card. (Source: The Telegraph)

Glurak card is now one of the government

However, the prosecutor threw the Pokémon fan, but not to own a company at all, which is why he was not entitled to obtain the emergency loan. Now the Ministry of Justice announces that he has known the fraud guilty. Now he has to go to prison for ** three years without the possibility of conditional detention. In addition, he has to repay the $ 85,000 and $ 10,000. The Glurak card is now in possession of the government. (Source: polygon)