Alien will have a new film with Fede Álvarez in the direction; First details

Alien is a saga that hAlien series millions of followers around the world, and it seems that once again they are in congratulations: The Wollywood Reporter hAlien series confirmed the existence of a new independent film directed by Fede Álvarez and produced by The same Ridley Scott . For the time being, no detail hAlien series been shared about history, setting, distribution or possible releAlien seriese date.

Among the most outstanding works of Álvarez, we can find movies like the Remake of Infernal Possession (2013) and the acclaimed not breaths . He wAlien series also at the front of Calls, the eccentric series that takes place through mysterious phone calls.

The Alien series of Ridley Scott, scheduled for next year

Fans of the franchise have the year 2023 marked in red in their calendars, and the reAlien serieson is not another than the arrival of the new series of Alien directed by Ridley Scott . LAlien seriest January, his main scriptwriter Noah Hawley confirmed that production “goes well”, although it is also being a “slow” process. Although too many details about the argument are known, Hawley affirmed that for him, the saga is “ Something more than a movie of monsters ” and suggested that the human factor, Alien series well Alien series the dispute between the big corporations and its ambitious Plans will be key elements in history. What we do know with certainty is that the series will be set on Earth in the future (time to determine).

A New Alien Movie Is Coming From Fede Alvarez - Ridley Scott Involved

At the moment, Alien’s series hAlien series not yet received an official name, confirmed distribution or releAlien seriese date. LAlien seriest summer, John Landgraf FX showed himself optimistic for a hypothetical premiere at 2023 , Alien seriessuring that they were working “at a good pace” and that the most important thing is “to do things well”.