Lieberknecht: “The one-way changed have answered”

FCH coach Schmidt was equipped accordingly after the gamed game lost within a few minutes. “We lost my head in the final phase, we were not there anymore,” the 48-year-old annoyed after the game. “Nobody has managed to mobilize everything to do everything. We have to do the 3-0 before. It went back to Darmstadt too easy with the 2: 2 and 3: 2.”

We have to do the 3-0 before.

Frank Schmidt

Heidenheim’s final Kevin Müller who had looked unhappily at the Darmstädter 3: 2 unfortunate, took over the responsibility for the goal. “We were in a situation where my team has used me – and I did the crucial mistake. He goes to my cap,” the keeper showed clearly kinked after the final whistle.

On the part of the Darmstädter there was no stopping after the final whistle. After moving away from the 61st minute with 0: 2, trainer Torsten Lieberknecht with the resolving of Leon Müller, Marvin Mehlem and Aaron Seydel a luck handle: the latter led the spectacular catching hunt after submission of flours by his headline in the 77th minute.

The Joker make the difference

“With five applications we have, change in our situation and our squad are very important,” Lieberknecht was happy about his joker after the game. “Sure, a whole team always wins together, but today the auxiliary changing player like Marvin Mehlem and Aaron Seydel have delivered a fantastic answer to that I did not play them from the beginning. Ultimately, we did not deserve undeserved. It was a very important one Victory. But we do not fall into dreaming, but will continue to maintain our down to earth. “

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Of course, a whole team always wins together, but today the one-way changed a fantastic answer.

Torsten Lieberknecht

In addition, striker Tietz finished his goal for the important 2-2 compensation of his goal fleaness of eight games: “Of course I am very happy about my goal, that was already a relief and I hope that the knot is bursting.”

The spreadsheet is at least temporarily recaptured, in Darmstadt the world is absolutely fine for the moment. The Heidenheimer, on the other hand, have lost the connection to the rise ranks slightly by the defeat, in the worst case, after this matchday, eight counter is back to the relegation rank. The wild six minutes at the Böllenfalltor could have cost the FCH at the end of the season important points.