Ark: survival evolved

Survival Quiz ACT “Survival Quiz City” Last information released on March 4-Latest information-Delivery of free trial version is also decided

Feenix has been released in the Survival Quiz CITY (Survival Quiz City) released online, and the latest information to enjoy the game is released on the rest of the Survival Quiz CITY (Survival Quiz City).

This work is an online multiplayer multiplayer work that fights with the quiz and action of the third-person viewpoint expansion. If it is the right answer of the quiz, it stands up as a winning team, and the losing team aims to win from a tough position. Battle of a few rounds to win glory victory. Participation of participation in the user participation test implemented so far is 10,000 or more (the number of total people to the final round of the first 2021 to February 2022). This work is the first title of Bandainham Costadio Indie Label “GYAAR STUDIO”.

# Delivery of “SurvivalQuizCityVisitor’Spass” (free trial version) is decided!

The simultaneous release of “Survival Quiz City Visitor’s Pass”, which can enter custom matches created by users who have a product version and experience the game. “I want to see what kind of game” “I want to play together in my friend’s room”, it is a trial version that responds to such a voice.
After the product version delivery start, you can check / use / use from the STEAM “SQC” page.

○ What you can: Participate in Custom Match, Tutorial Play

Survival Quiz CITY Gameplay [4K 60FPS UHD]

Do not do: Participation in Quick Match, Create Custom Match Room / Original Quiz

# “Geforcenow” correspondence is decided! “SQC” can be played on various devices!

We will respond to the cloud game service “GeForce Now” developed by “NVIDIA”.
This allows PC version “SQC” to play with various devices such as smartphones and tablets!
For details on how to use and device requirements, please refer to the “GeForce Now” official page.

# “SQC” original goods hit! Following & RT Campaign Held!

In commemoration of delivery start, “SQC” original goods will carry out a present campaign that hits [10 people. ”
Application to the campaign is only for Phoenixx official Twitter [follow] & [Target Trying Retweet]!

· Follow his Twitter account (@phoenixx_inc) of Phoenixx
· Retweet the applicable tweets (fixed tweet)

March 14, 2012 23:59

For those who have been elected, we will notify you of Twitter direct message (DM)

# Release commemoration Phoenixx sponsored match is also decided!

In commemoration of “SQC” delivery, we will hold a custom match sponsored by Phoenixx. We will do two types of gachimatches that a beginner match for beginners to play starting and playing at the time of development. Please give me a gift for those who won each.

March 6, 2022, 17:00 to beginner match / 19:00 ~ Gachimatch
Participation is the first-come-first-served basis. Please gather in the Custom Match Phoenix Official Room at the start time.
For details, check the “SQC” official Discord server and Phoenixx official Twitter!

In addition, this work is welcoming posts such as play live delivery, video / still images, etc. Please check here for live and video delivery.

“Survival Quiz City” is 2,050 yen in Steam, and it is scheduled to be delivered at 17:00 on March 4, 2022.