Elden Ring: Where to find the crystal sword

There is a wide variety of weapons to find in Lands Between, but it is difficult to find them all while you explore random unless you are very lucky. If you are looking to add this magic sword to your arsenal, we have all the information you need here. Here is Where to find the crystal sword in Elden Ring .

Where to find the crystal sword in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: GET THIS NOW - AMAZING CRYSTAL SWORD WEAPON LOCATION Guide - Village of the Albinaurics
This straight sword is located in the village of the albineuric, west of Limgrave. The town is directly south of the Academy Raya Lucaria, and can be entered from the north riding through the water at the lower level of that area. Here is the exact place on the map where you can find the sword:

The glass sword appears as a regular booty in a body that is passed the well in the middle of the town and on the other side of the wooden bridge. Several enemies will be interposed on your way, and two of them are sorcerers, so be careful with long-range attacks while crossing the long wooden bridge.

The body is on the edge of a cliff, next to a sorcerer who is sitting on the nearby rock. Take care of him and two other slow enemies in the area to claim your prize.

The Crystal Sword is scaled with STR (D), DEX (E) and INT (D), and requires 13 Str, 10 dex and 15 int to handle it correctly. It also inflicts magical damage, so it is a good body-to-body weapon for Int-based constructions, at least, at first. The Katana Moonveil is another similar weapon that works best, so check our guide on where to find it here.

That’s all you need to know about Where to find the crystal sword in Elden Ring . Make sure you check our wiki guide about the game to find more tips, tricks and other element locations while exploring Lands Between.

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