How to defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go (March 2022): Best counter and weaknesses of Shadow Lugia

Giovanni has returned to Pokemon Go again, and the leader of Team Rocket in March 2022 has a Shadow Lugia and more in his team. To find and defeat Giovanni is a practice to which most Pokemon go players have become accustomed at this time, and the strategy usually is about researching the best team and the best counterattacks before they go to the battle leap. The Giovanni brands of this month are quite common, so you should at least have some of them in their collection. How to find and defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go this month.

How to find Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Before you can fight Giovanni in Pokemon Go, you must find it first. This means to turn off Team Rocket Grunts and the other three team Rocket leader (Arlo, Cliff and Sierra). The process has not changed, so you can meet Giovanni here.

  1. Defeat Team Rocket Grunts to get a Team Rocket Radar.
  2. Use the Team Rocket Radar to find and defeat Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.
  3. Complete research related to Team Rocket to get a super Rocket radar.
  4. Check pokesteps until you find Giovanni.

Remember that some Grunts of Team Rocket can be dressed up as Giovanni, so you could be overrumbered at your first few pokestops. However, as soon as you have the Super Rocket Radar, it should not be long before you find the real 1. This month, Giovannis Team exists Persian in the first slot, Kingler / Nidoking / rhyperior in the second slot and Shadow Lugia in the third slot. Continue reading below to find the best counters that you can bring in the fight.

Best Persian Counter

Giovanni opens the fight of this month with its characteristic Persian, and it is a slightly defensive opponent. Persian is a pure normal Pokémon, which means that it is weak to fight type attacks u resistant to Ghost type moved. Therefore, it is good to bring a Pokémon with attacks of the type fight. These are the best counter for Persian.

Pokémon Fast attack Charged attack
Lukas Switch Power-up blow
Melting metal Thundercloth lightning
MacChamp Switch Hack
Rhyperior Mud sliffer Stone edge
Tyranitar Sayback crunch
Hariyama Switch Dynamic blow

The best Kingler counters

Giovannis Second Pokémon is randomly selected from a triple group, and Kingler is a possibility. Kingler is a water-pokémon, so you should bring a Pokémon Elektro and Grass movements . Avoid Fire, ice, steel and water attacks As Kingler will withstand you. These are the best Kingler counters.

Pokémon Fast attack Charged attack
Zapdos Thundercloth lightning
Zarude Wine whip Powermeip
Raiko Volt switch Wild charge
Torterra Razor Wild plant

Why Is Giovanni's PERSIAN Beating Your Pokemon Before Even 1 Charge Attack? (POKEMON GO)
Magnetzone | Spark | Wild charge
Roserade | Razor | Sunbeam

The best nidoking counters

Nidoking is another possible opponent in Giovannis Second Slot. It is a pokémon of type poison / ground Weak against stacks of type floor, ice, psyche and water and resistant against movements of type Beetle and electric . They have many ways when it comes to weaknesses, so here are the best nidoking counters.

Pokémon Fast attack Charged attack
Mewtu Confusement Psystrike
Hoppla Confusement Clairvoyant
Kyogre Waterfall surfing
Impoleon Waterfall Hydrocannon
Excadrill Mud Drill-run
Knakrack Mud Earthquake

Best Rhyperior Counter

Rhyperior is the third possible Pokémon, which Giovanni can send out as a second, and it is a floor / stone pokémon, which has several weaknesses. It is weak against attacks of type Fight, floor, ice and steel But with grass type and water type movements are most effective as these types aim to both types of rhyperior. Here are some good rhyperior counters.

Pokémon Fast attack Charged attack
Kyogre Waterfall surfing
Impoleon Waterfall Hydrocannon
Zarude Wine whip Powermeip
Flooded Mud Hydrocannon
Torterra Razor Wild plant
Roserade Razor Sunbeam

Best Shadow Lugia Counter

Shadow Lugia is the last Pokémon in Giovannis team and a powerful opponent. Shadow Lugia is a dual clairvoyant / flight type Pokémon, which is weak over the types dark, electric, mind, ice and rock stops. You should do without combat type and soil type movements, as Shadow Lugia is incredibly resistant to this. Here are the best Shadow Lugia counter.

Pokémon Fast attack Charged attack
Yveltal Growlish Dark pulse
Waville Growlish avalanche
Tyranitar Sayback crunch
Zacian Growlish Wild charge
Magnetzone Thundercloth Wild charge
Melting metal Thundercloth Rock

With Shadow Lugia out of the way you have finally defeated Giovanni! After you have taken care of your tasks related to Team Rocket, you can focus on some of the other new things in Pokemon Go, as welcome to Alola Event, the arrival of Pokemon of seventh generation next to the season of Alola Celebrate.

If you feel like fighting, then Tapu Koko is currently seen in five star raids. For this month, many Spotlight Hours are planned, so stay with Attack of the Fanboy for everything that has to do with Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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