Dont miss it if it is a core gamer! This weeks indie-3 choice-Girls a deck construction type Rogue Like, a more than 500 events that appear to grow to the savior

GAME * SPARK Editorial Department recommends Delivering 3 Special Indies in February 4th Week!

This week, it is a slow life and enjoyable shooting warfare. “LongVinter” , “LongVinter” , Metroid Vania of a large volume that more than 500 events and more than 100 characters appear “Heroine Anthem Zero 2: ScaleScars Oath “, Deck Building Type Log Like, which is a Deck Building Type Log Like ” All Girls for the World “**.

# LongVinter

Developer Uuvana Studios consisting of two Finland has started early access to Slow Life Adventure “LongVinter” on February 25, 2022. This work can be enjoyed in the stage of fictional islands “LongVinter Island”, agriculture, fishing, architecture, craft, search, etc.

However, this work is not just a simple slow life game. Looking at the trailer, there is a figure of villagers who suddenly develop a gunfire in a lively life in a natural island. In this work, it is to compete with other players, and sometimes fight around the territory. It seems that you need to find and conquer value land and conquer from other players’ raids. In addition, it is a very impactful work, such as the item that can be stealed by other players.

# Heroine Anthem Zero 2: ScaleScars Oath

The 2D & 3D action RPG “Heroine Anthem Zero 2: ScaleScars Oath”, which was conducting earlier access from June 2019, has reached the official release of February 22. This work is the latest work of the “Heroine Anthem” series, which lasts from 2002. The story of the heroine “Shama” in this work is expanded to the shaft, and only the brooches that her mother remained are clues, and the foothest story of God and the weave of God will take place. The game system is a Metroid Vania work combining 2D and 3D, and the character will acquire many skills as the character goes up. A variety of actions such as switching operations, such as joining a three-stage jump, an aerial dash, sliding, and a wide variety of operations are implemented.

In addition, the game volume pointed out in the previous work is significantly improved, and in this formal release, more than 500 events, more than 50 boss characters, 4 million stories interactions, more than 100 characters, etc. You can enjoy the story full of legends extending about 50 hours.

# All girls for the world

Delivery of adventure games “All girls for the world”, which combined deck construction type Rogelike and development games, started on February 23, 2022. This work is a deck construction type Rogreike Development game that brings up to the world’s savior who collapsed one girl. The player will be “Administrative Communication” and will develop a girl while choosing “Card)” with various effects visiting every turn.

At the end of the year, the dialogue with the “Executive Office”, which measures the ability of the girl, is waiting for a year and 6 years (turn), and the truth of the true savior increase. In addition, the end of the story is that the ability of the girl who has been developed.