Elden Ring: Should I let Fia hug you? Replied

Elden Ring is a completely new action role play developed by fromSoftware and presents a great open world with a general myth written by George RR Martin, better known for writing the series to Song of Ice and Fire. The game presents tons of intriguing NPC and, sometimes, very strange that you can meet on your trip. If you are asking you if you should let FIA, I embrace you in Elden Ring This is what you need to know.

FIA is one of the inhabitants of Roundtable Hold, and when you know her, you will find her sitting alone in her bed acting as a deathbed companion. When you talk to her, she will ask you if she can hold you for a short period of time.

Let Fia hold you at Elden Ring

If you agree to the FIA ​​request, you will be rewarded with an object called Baldachin blessing. This is a consumable element that allows you to spend a bit of FP to improve the balance of it for a short period of time.

This can be quite useful in combat situations in which enemies have the opportunity to wobble repeatedly, and have enough aplomb could give you the opportunity you need to get out of a combo.

Since it is a consumable item, this means that you can always return to Roundtable Hold and let FIA hold you, so you can get more blessings.

She can only have one at a time, so if you plan to use this element regularly, you must make some trips to the winery during the course of your trip.

Even after receiving the blessing, you can continue leaving it, and, occasionally, the option will appear in secret, which will allow you to learn more about it and the traditions of it.

Disadvantage of FIA and how to eliminate it

By letting FIA hold you, you will also get an active disadvantage that eliminates 5% of your total HP. This disadvantage is not eliminated if you die, rest on a grace site or use restoration elements.

Instead, to eliminate the disadvantage of FIA in Elden Ring, you should use Baldachian’s blessing that FIA has given you. When you use this, you will get all the benefits of it and you will eliminate the disadvantage that she put you.

However, given that its title is the deathbed companion, it is very possible that you arrive at a point where you have to do some kind of compensation to continue receiving the blessings.

The game is still in its beginnings, so it is also possible that we have not yet fully explored the FIA ​​search line. We will update this article as more information arrives.

For now, that is all you need to know about if you should let FIA embrace you in Elden Ring . Be sure to search for Ring or check our Wiki guide to get more tips and information about the game.

Elden Ring - What Happens if You Hug the Mysterious Lady on Her Bed? (Elden Ring Secret)

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