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Soul Hackers 2 announced by atlus

Soul Hackers 2 - Announcement | PS5, PS4
At the end of this year, Atlus will launch a new game set in the Shin Megami Tensei universe. A sequel to the devil of the devil: hacker of souls_, Hackers of the soul 2 is described as “a game of role of mystery and murder of science fiction.” In the game, a war between two sets of Devil Summonions has exploded: Yatagarasu and Phantom Society. Few details have been revealed on the narrative of the game, but the protagonist Ringo has the mission to avoid deaths that could cause the apocalypse. The game is being produced by the veteran of Shin Megami Tensei, Eiji Ishida, and directed by History radiant is Mitsuru Hirata.

A trailer for Hackers of the soul 2 can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

In the trailer, Ringo describes herself as a “superintelligent born of a sea of ​​information”. The trailer also gives us an idea of ​​some of the characters that will join Ringo on her trip. Hackers of the soul 2 will have the traditional battle combat, but players can also unlock new skills for members of their group by establishing relationships outside the battles.

The game announcement has been received mainly with enthusiasm by the fans of Shin Megami Tensei! However, Nintendo Switch users seemed a bit frustrated. Currently, the game is not scheduled to appear on the platform, although shin Megami Tensei V released exclusively on the system last year. The series clearly has a fan base established in switch, but they will have to look elsewhere, for the time being! Interestingly, the game will be launched in the Xbox consoles, even though Atlus has traditionally not been compatible with the platform. It is not clear if this could lead to greater support from publisher in the future, but it certainly seems possible.

Unfortunately, Hackers of the soul 2 There are still a few months away for its launch. The game will be available on August 26 at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. With luck, Atlus will reveal more information about the game in the coming months!

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