PS5: Functions for more accessibility – Tips and tricks

Chip deficiency and scammers who take quotas – buy a PlayStation 5, this day is still not really easy. Since the market launch on 19 November 2020, it seems almost more likely to aliens like E.T. To discover as a PS5 to get hold of. But who then calls one of the coveted Daddelkists his own, is looking forward to gambling. However, consoles are not always directly available for all fully usable – “Digital Accessibility” is the keyword. This means: people are excluded by visual disabilities, hearing damage or cognitive limitations of offers. So that the game fun is given on the PS5 for all, Sony offers some functions. Computer image reveals her.

Tip 1: Trigger effect, assign keys

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Accessibility Features Explained
Tip 2: Switch on subtitles
Tip 3: Customize text and activate zoom
Tip 4: ScreenReader
Tip 5: Chat transcription
Tip 6: Accessibility as Shortcut

Control Keeping: Trigger Effect, Assign Buttons

What would Games be like “Death Stranding” or “The Last of Us 2” without the Haptic Feedback of the Controller? For some players only half so good, for others, however, much easier to master. Because what kind of tension of the PS5 game increases, moments can be experienced more intense or gives important information on the exhaustion of the character, builds for other hurdles. Under Is Settings, Barrier Freedom and Controller Regulate the vibration intensity . By default, the “STRONG” is set to “STRONG” at the dualSense wireless controller. But you have the option of switching the vibration completely or to change “moderate” or “weak”. Another advantage of deactivation or reduction of vibration: The rather short battery life of the controller is extended significantly.

Vibration intensity:

  • Click on imettes, accessibility, controller
  • Vibration intensity

Something special are the adaptive trigger keys (shoulder buttons) with different resistance levels. For example, in the ego shooter “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, this ensures differences when pressing. The recoil feels differently depending on the weapon you fire in the game. Trigger Effect Turn off in the same menu as the vibration intensity or change the strength from the default “Strong” setting to “weak” or “moderate”.

Strength of the trigger effect:

  • Is settings, accessibility, controller
  • _ Intensity of trigger effect_

It may also be useful to reiterate the keys . Click on angepaseed key assignment and key assignment customize. The whole thing is practical if you can not operate a preset button or button.

Key assignment change:

  • Is settings, accessibility, controller
  • ailed key assignment, _ button assignment customize_

Attention, read: Switch on subtitle

Spoken contents, dialogues and audio with no sound? The subtitles are there. To activate the practical help, go to the Shis settings at your PS5 on the home screen and first select barrierfreheit and then Untertitel. Then click on Untitle display. So that you can read the subtitles well, if such a bright font meets a game background that makes you hard to read, select Untitle Settings, disable the option Untertitle to display specific content and make the text as you need it. They set about the font size , color and opacity and select the background and window color . If the text is underlaid, no color of the game can shake it more.

Subtitle Activating:

  • _Set settings, accessibility, subtitles, subtitles__
  • Untitle settings for font size, color etc.

View More: Text and Zoom

The layout of the text is convertible to the PlayStation 5. Under Is Settings, Barrier Freedom, _ Display_ Under some customizable display functions, select the text size . To choose the sizes are small, normal, big and very large. A strong contrast of text and background ensures more clarity on the screen, color reversing and bold increase readability as well. The color correction helps to better recognize things on the screen. The PlayStation 5 supports four color filters: grayscale, red / green (with redblindness), green / red (in green blindness) and blue / yellow (in blueblindness).

Customize text:

  • Is settings, accessibility, display

The texts on the screen are too small? To look at things more accurately, go to imanship, barrierfreheit, anzeige and Zoomen. There you activate the zoom function. Then press the PS button and the square button at the screen, which you want to enlarge. With the right stick slide the display area. The zooms terminate by circle key.

Zoom Activate:

  • Is settings, accessibility, display

Read screen texts: Enable ScreenReader

The ScreenReader from Sony reads in the PS5 screen texts loud. Wait for ten seconds at the initial setup, it activates automatically. If you want to turn it on subsequently, look at iments, accessibility, screenreader. There you activate the help or adjust to your wishes. Among other things, they control Speechspeed , Voting Type and Voting Strength . Press the PS button as well as the triangle simultaneously, pause reading or continue it. If you want to hear a content a second time, press the PS button and the R1 button simultaneously.

ScreenReader Enable:

  • Settings, Accessibility, ScreenReader

Chat transcription: What tells us?

The language chats are now called parties and divide into open chats and closed chats (accession only after invitation). To understand all the contents of the Chat Group, the PS5 transforms the language chat of other players in text ( chat transcription ). And the text you send to others is read. Go to the Shis settings in the Category Barrier Freedom and select Chat transcription. There, select the function or adjust the settings individually. For supported games, the voices of Gamern convert themselves thanks to transcription in text.

Chat transcription Activate:

  • Is settings, accessibility, chat transcription, activating chat transcription

Recently: Features as Shortcut

To access the accessibility functions in everyday life, create a shortcut in the Control Center (Toolbar): With a short pressure on the PS button, call the center and put the console in the idle state, Take settings for the micro or start a transfer to the Twitch or YouTube platforms. For changes in the Control Center, select a list in the toolbar and press the Options button (with the three horizontal strokes, to the left of the triangle). In edit mode, you are looking for the barrier-free button and move it upwards. The connection in the Control Center to set and enable or disable or disable the screen reader in the Quick Process, such as the thick printed text or text size.

Object: Zock without barriers

PlayStation relies on a gaming experience without barriers and for good reason. President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan says, “At Sony Interactive Entertainment, we would like to offer a future to all players regardless of their abilities. We use technology to improve accessibility tools, products and services for our PlayStation community and To fulfill our mission to connect the world through the power of the games. “

Accessibility in social networks

In addition to gaming there is another category, which is important in accessibility: social media. The social networks are an integral part of digital life. So that people are not excluded here through visual disabilities, hearing damage or cognitive restrictions, open their social media with a few tricks for all and address a larger target group. Which tips you should consider at posts and tweets on Instagram, Twitter & Co. reveals computer image in a big overview.