Dying Light 2 offers the last DLC

Dying Light 2 is still fresh, but Techland remained on his guard. Last week, there was the release of the free DLC, the Authority Pack. And now we have a new DLC pack that players can appreciate.

The Ronin Pack must be published in three parts – the first already open to anyone who already plays, with the second parties to follow after. The first part of the pack, which details the piece of chest, the pants and the shoes, is to be claimed, as indicated previously. The gloves, the mask and the handguards will come out on February 23, and the machete sword will be released on February 25. Not bad, for a complete set.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Ronin Pack Free DLCs Trailer
And it seems that it will also follow the model of the previous set, the whole of the authority, with equipment and weapons. Whether they give bonuses or not, it’s unknown for the moment, but it looks pretty elegant overall.

This is certainly going with the Global Plan of Techland, publishing content for Dying Light 2, with free content, lots of gameplay and weapons to use. It seems that in March and April there will be events to wait, no matter what console players appreciate, and that the first paid history DLC will have the release window in June. With the range of weapons, the current crossed game ability and free DLCs, it seems like Dying Light 2 has a lot to offer fans.

And it seems that people react to this range of options if the steam numbers for the best games played so far this year are up to. Once we will know more about the upcoming events of Dying Light 2, we will not fail to let you know. Stay tuned!