There will certainly be 6 new Pokemon ads today, although the followers await the new generation

It has not been a month because the launch of Pokémon legends: Arceus, the last video game of the Franchise business of The Pokémon Firm that leaves a little bit of the standard that had actually accompanied the Pokémon Saga in recent times. On the next generation we do not recognize anything yet, so today it can be a great time to know something else.

Why today? Due to the fact that following February 27 is commemorated the Pokémon Day , a wedding for the franchise business that, as the company has commented via its social networks, is mosting likely to be commemorated with 6 brand-new ads . In them new games are not consisted of but, in any type of instance, it would certainly be a surprise that they would not urge in this manner, and the truth is that the followers remain to hypothesize with it.

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The Pokémon Day celebrates the anniversary of the launch of the franchise in Japan with red Pokémon and environment-friendly Pokémon for Game Child. Currently. Switch

The ads do not include Arceus the confirmed thus far is that these information will reference Pokémon Masters Ex lover, Pokémon Sword and also Guard, Pokémon Café Mix, Pokémon Unite, P25 Music and Pokémon Go. Surprisingly, no reference is made to Arceus , so in principle we will not have information concerning future materials of the last launch of the legend.

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