Injured player after Böllerwurf: Spielap in Essen

Spielabbruch bei Rot Weiss Essen gegen Preußen Münster |

The top game in the Regionalliga West between leader red-white food and pursuer Prussian Münster ended with a screed. Referee Christian Scheper broke the encounter on Sunday at 1: 1 in the 74th minute after a Böller had been thrown out of the fan block of the hosts towards Münster’s reserve players. Münster’s team doctor Cornelius Müller-Rensmann found in cooperation with another physician after an investigation that the affected players Marvin Thiel (Kralltrauma) and Jannik Borgmann (Shock) were no longer playful. Then the encounter was aborted. “We condemn this incident to the harshest. That’s not the harbor road, that’s not RWE,” said Essen’s CEO Marcus Uhlig. “These are scenes that no one wants,” said Münster’s Münster director Peter Niemeyer. How the encounter is considered is open.