Lieberknecht: “Look at the flowers as they have grown”

The past two Corona self-tests were negative. But whether coach Torsten Lieberknecht is allowed to sit on Sunday again at the SV Darmstadt 98 on the bench, depends on the result of a PCR test on Saturday. “I am ready,” said the 48-year-old on Friday. That he had accidentally brought the appointment of the game by a day, he took with humor: “I’m so hot.”

Ronstadt should replace Bader

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Anyway, the coach showed a good mood on Friday. On the question of what he would do first when he could leave the quarantine, he joked, “Then I look at the flowers as they have grown.” Even in the team, the ease returns to Lieberknecht’s observations, which had suffered a strong damper after the 0: 5 home framework against the Hamburg SV.

Against climber Rostock Further Defense Lasse Sobiech with ankle problems, Matthias Bader because of the 5th yellow card. He will probably replace Frank Ronstadt. Whether in the storm where Luca Pfeiffer and Phillip Tietz has now been six compulsory games without gate, Aaron Seydel will receive a chance in the starting formation, the coach initially left open.

He was still superior. “And if I’m superior, that means that there is quite the opportunity to give Aaron the chance.” But that does not mean that Pfeiffer and Tietz would not play. You would then change the basic formation. Both Pfeiffer as well as Seydel can also play on the position behind the tips. Seydel also came to use on the outbar more often.

That’s the salt in the soup.

Torsten Lieberknecht is looking forward to 7500 spectators

The fact that the SV Darmstadt 98 after the 1: 2 in the first leg in Rostock still open an invoice with Hansa does not want to say favorite. He reluctantly pull comparisons to such games. “Fact is that with Hansa Rostock comes a team that is accurately in the position to put an intensive playing way on the day.” It is a new game under new conditions. That up to 7500 spectators at the Böllenfalltor are pursuing the game, pleasantly pleased. “That’s the salt in the soup,” he said. Stage mood is not to be replaced by anything.

In case of cases: Technical preparations are made

And if the PCR test does not bring the desired result on Sunday? “Yes, then it’s shit,” Lieberknecht said. But you are also prepared. In particular, you have made technical arrangements that he then does not see the game like the Hannover game last with about two-minute time difference.