Gamersunite already has its FIFA National Champion 22!

The Saga FIFA is not only one of the most played among Mexican gamers. It is also a pioneer in the national representation within electronic sports. Players like Rubén Zerecero and Andrei Torres have been global runners within this series, while the same Liga MX or equipment like tigers and guadalajara have supported Franchise competences.

Gamers Unite , Initiative of the Performance Promoter CIE To promote the ESPORTS, organized a National Championship of FIFA 22. With a bag of 100 thousand pesos at stake, more than 2,000 players competed online at the ecosystems of Xbox and PlayStation to define a national champion in a licensed tournament by EA Sports * * And endorsed by FIFA **. This Wednesday, within the facilities of Citibanamex Center, the final stages were carried out with the four best Players of each console in search of a definitive winner.

Throughout weeks at Eliminator Players of International Size as Alex “XPharm” Arias , current representative of Chivas Esports , were eliminated in prior rounds to the top eight. Others, such as the selected national and runner-up eliga MX Leonardo “Leol7” Reynoso or the representative of Puebla David “tiolucio” Lucio reached this final phase along with Players as Michelle “Panquedeus” Patiño and Román “Shelling” Silveira .

The consecration of a new star

The event had as Casters to the commentator of Aztec Esports Yael Romero , the sports analyst Carlos Reynoso “KcDeportes” and the YouTuber of FIFA Cacho . During the course of the day, favorites were leaving like Leol7, due to his recent competitive record. However, the competition was as closed and complex as expected from a contest at the highest level. It is worth noting that it was rules in a classic match, with the teams adjusted to have the stats of the players at level 90. The winner of the contention was the one who triumphac in two of three games.

The key of PlayStation had, perhaps, encounters with the names of greater weight. Leol7, current member of the organization Garra Esports , was found at the end of said platform with tiolusion. In a closed duel between the national team of Sweden, controlled by Leonardo, and a Paris Saint Germain in the hands of the Representative for the Poblen Club. With a match taken to the penal and another on the wire, David Lucio left the main favorit of the contest on the way.

The bracket of Xbox was not exempt from emotions. Panquedeus , Faithful to AcMilan , faced with a shelling with a shelling that trusted Real Madrid his opportunities to advance within the competition. The duels had important somers and leadership changes in the score, carrying the third game to the Golden Gol. There, Zlatan Ibrahimovic , just as in the real world, made a spectacular goal from the half moon to give Michelle Patiño the opportunity to play for the jackpot.

Leol7, in the Consolation Party for the third place, dispatched without many problems to Shelling using players like Isak in a game in which he was played more than mere pride. The third square gave the winner an award of 10 thousand pesos, nothing negligible along with the fact of being one of the best ones among more than 2 thousand participating gamers.

Two finalists who arrived in high-voltage duels could not but offer other luxury duels. It was just what they did Panquedeus and Tiolusion . In a balanced series that came to the third game, tiolusion used the AS under the sleeve that allowed him to unlock more than one game: make a change between Lionel Messi and Mauro Icardi . With this last player, the regionontan representative of the Puebla scored the golden goal and took 50 thousand pesos to the sultana of the North.

Luxury sponsors

During the event we were not only able to see highlighted players from virtual courts in Mexico . Legendary football players of the Mexican national team were also present. It was the scorers Jared Borgetti and Luis “El Matador” Hernánde Z. The latter known among the players for having an icon letter in the game, as well as for the interaction of it in social networks.

“We feel good to be part of this project for some time, in this universe of the Gamers,” said the Matador , a national scorer at the France World Cup 98. “That the boys are in this adventure is wonderful Because it takes them away from many negative things. “

“We see examples of tournaments like these in Europe, where there are stadiums full to see the boys play a FIFA end,” he said in an interview Borgetti , a second highest historical scorer of the Mexican national team.

“As it says Luis , anything that you do will always be important because you move away from other situations. That’s why I’m glad that clubs support new generations with other ways to entertain. Not only football on court, but also on a screen. “

Players were not only present to sponsor the event, but they also lived with the public within activations organized by UNITE GAMERS and sponsors. In addition, during the console finals, they were complemented by the work of the Casters with comments derived from their experience in national and international professional football. The above to move it to what the highest-level players at FIFA of ** Mexico were living.


In this way one of the most popular games at Mexico and with important results in the ESPORTS for the country at the international level had an important date. Not only for what it represented in terms of competition, but by the access that gave new contenders to try luck against the best of the nation. Are you ready to live an experience of this caliber in a next edition?