All locations with monsters in the eastern Laiterra

Lost Ark has a lot of monsters that need to be killed, especially in the eastern Laiterra. You can find all these places below, and they fill different parts of the tomb of the adventurist.

Where to find all locations with monsters in eastern Laiterra

We will go through each area in alphabetical order. Glowing yellow label above their heads shows whether you need to kill the monster. Find accurate places on the map where we found them.

Blackpress Chapel – Giant Black Rose Spider

Find this ugly spider is very easy. While other spiders are tiny, this huge and scary. It really stands out.

Chapel of black rose – evil heretic preacher

This looks just like his preachers-heretics. In this area, a lot of preachers of heretics and evil heretic preachers. Get ready for a huge battle.

Domain Borea – Mad Agarus

This is an animal much larger around him. The best way to combat it is to start sending attacks before it is suitable enough to attack you. For this fight, we recommend that at least 5 potions of health are at hand. For some reason, he is pretty constantly in this place.

Boree Domain – Enjoyed Bes Mag

Furious Bes Mag is weak. He will fall almost as fast as demons around him. Look for a decent, which can fly and mad.

Boree domain – merciless trill

Ruthless trill is easy to find, because it is so big. We recommend starting from this in the Borea domain, and then go to others in this area. It’s just because it will be easier to knock them out one after another.

Domain Borea – Lone George

Lonely Heroda is exactly the same 1. He looks like a shadow that is moving back and forth, but he is a demon. Just go through this area until you find a shadow or he will not find you.

Crocoyns Seashore – an experienced pirate robber

The adept-pirate-robber is incredibly easy to find, but it looks like the rest. Look for a pirate with a yellow luminous label above your head and, of course, who is more of their friends. They are easy to find, because you will be surrounded by pirates walking throughout the map. We marked the place where they are best found, but be prepared to fight at once with several.

CroCoyns Seashore – Predator Krok

Do not mislead. This monster will not be so small as other crabs that walk through this area. The crocodile predator is brown, strong and at least two times larger than silver crocodiles.

Plain Dyroxy – Bulky Crow

Bulky crows are easy to find, it’s just a big crow. You can try to go a little further north and in a dead end if you can not find them upstairs. There are several of them there. They will not attack you first, so you can prepare.

Plain Drozeny – Strong Red Thick Mythical Bird

There are many people in this area. You will probably see more strong red-minded mythical birds than ordinary mythical birds. They are very easy to kill, like any other monster.

Blooming Garden – Creepy Garden Warming

One of the most annoying things in this is that all errors look equally. You do not need to kill every error you see. Instead, focus on the area shown above until you see the yellow glow above the insect. When you see, kill.

LEYAR TERRACE – controlled elemental water tornado

This is an incredibly weak murder murder compared to others in the area. You can find it chatting next to luminous jellyfish, where he almost does not resist.

Laian terrace – commander of the giants of the Legion evil

It is difficult to care for this monster, because you need to kill several minutes. They travel with flocks and very strong. If you are weak, you may have to often use health potions, because they can quickly kill you. Other will come, so kill any of them right now. This is frighteningly looking miniators.

The best strategy for their destruction is to slowly kill every monster, which you see on the way to the commander of the giants of the evil legion. Thus, no other monsters will chase you and complicate the task. Use long-range attacks to kill this monster, because when they are approaching, they can apply three destructive blows in a row, and in a group of three people it is deadly.

Terrace Leyar – Giant Warrior Puru

You can find this monster heading the gang of other warriors Puru. They are easy to kill, and they will most likely find you first, because they are all going in this area above. He is something similar to Yeti, but purple.

East Luterra Monsters Lost Ark All Rares


This flamingo is very similar to others, but it is white. Look for a label over his head and kill it, like any other monster around. They are not very strong and fall after several combo.

Sanbray Hill – Army Gladiator Sherrite

It’s like to fight for Lomera again – because you are. This is painted in red medieval warriors, which you met at the end of the storyline West Luterra. Next to other soldiers there are many of them, and with them it is not so difficult to fight. Advanced Lost Ark Guides see How to cook lunch from Lutherrans dishes in Lost Ark or How to make exquisite seafood stew in Lost Ark right here in Pro Game Guides.