There is no adult cut from The Batman

Earlier this year, it was announced that The Batma N would have an official classification of PG-13, which in our country is the equivalent of a classification B. That is, anyone over 13 years old may enter Let’s watch the film without problems, and this evidently caused some discontent between the community. If you expected your Director, Matt Reeves, I had a possible cut with “only for adults only” classification, then we have bad news.

As part of a recent interview with Den of Geek , Reeves confirmed that he does not have an unpublished version of The Batman with sex or more violent scenes. In the words of him own:

“There is no special cut from this type movie, ‘oh yes, here is that classification of only for adults who love so much.’ I did not have to cut the movie or anything like that. I am happy with that classification because I want more people to see the movie. But the tone they have seen in promotional materials, is totally faithful towards the film. “

With these statements, surely Reeves will want to set aside any type of campaign that may arise on social networks demanding a more violent version of The Batman , something we have already seen before.

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The Batman reaches cinemas on March 3, 2022.

Editor’s Note: I do not see any problem with this classification, although many of us thought that The Bani could be an apt movie “only for adults”. Anyway, I think Reeves will do a great job and for all that has been seen in official advances, The Batman paints to be one of the best hero movies.