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Fanatics of Capcom believe that Street Fighter 6 could be announced soon

The Countdown Begins! Street Fighter 6 Announcement This Weekend?

The Fans of Capcom are beginning to believe that the 6_ Street Routeer could be announced by the Japanese videogame editor in just a few days. To start this week, Capcom revealed a new countdown timer on its official website that clearly seemed to cause a new announcement of some kind soon. The countdown, which will expire on February 20, has led to a series of fan theories about what could be revealed next weekend. And although the Series Resident Evil was the central point of many of these fan theories, some also believe that it could be time to reveal lejero 6.

Not long after Capcom drilled that it would make an announcement next weekend, _ Street ride 6_ became trend in social networks. At this time, the most recent delivery of the series, luader, 5, released in 2016, which led several fans to think that soon a sixth main entrance could be revealed. Capcom itself has not been mocked that Street Fighter is the series of videogames associated with this ad, but the theory is quite plausible.

Perhaps the main reason why several fans of Capcom think that _ Street ride 6_ could be announced next week is because a pretty important Street Fighter tournament is scheduled to start February 17. The final of the Street Fighter Protour season will last until February 20, which is the same date on which this chronometer will end. Given this coincidence, it seems very possible that Capcom can choose to reveal luader street 6 as a way to close the tournament and provoke fans about what will come in the future.

Do you think there is a good possibility that _ Street ride 6_ Could it be the game for which Capcom is making the countdown on your website? And if you do not lejero 6, what do you think will be this countdown? Let me know in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.