Europa League: Stefan Klos warns the BVB in front of the Rangers

The former goalkeeper Stefan Klos has sent a warning to the Dortmund before the duel of his ex-clubs – BVB and Rangers FC – in the Europa League.

Included over 460 games Stefan Klos completed between 1990 and 2007 for Borussia Dortmund the Rangers from Glasgow. The former Keeper of BVB knows both clubs like his west pocket. No wonder that the 50-year-old prior to the two clubs in the Europa League is a sought-after interview partner.

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“Of course I have a close relationship with these clubs. After all, they were the two stations of my career,” explained Klos opposite the “Stefan Image”.

In the chest of the 50-year-old beat two hearts. “As a native Dortmund, of course, black-yellow blood flows through my veins. But the rangers have gotten to me to my heart,” Klos looked into themselves and added to Solomonic: “The better thing should win simply.”

Klos: The BVB has the better single players

The BVB sees Klos in the favorite role, but warned. “Borussia has the stronger single player. It is crucial, however, whether you bring this quality on the lawn,” says the ex-keeper. If that does not flap, “are the Rangers not chanceless,” explained Klos.

The Dortmund must be watched according to today’s private on Amad Diallo. He is “a faster and agile striker who was borrowed from Manchester United,” Klos said, which was extremely successful both with BVB and the Rangers.

In Dortmund, among other things, he won the Champions League in 1997 and celebrated two German championships, with the Club of Glasgow, he home four league titles and three trophies victories.

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Should the BVB prevail in the two duels in the end against the Rangers, according to Klos even the triumph in the Europa League in it. “I see good chances that Dortmund can win the Europa League,” he explained a few months ago in the “Ruhr Messages”.