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Xbox Series X: Lego Doctor Who appears to the 60th birthday according to rumor

TT Games has made himself the largest franchises in the world for his Lego video games. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Harry Potter, the British developer created fantastic adventures and built the virtual scenes with the colorful building blocks.

Possibly players will fly in the future with the telephone booth Tardis through space and time.

According to new rumors, TT Games should work at Lego Doctor WHO. The new game might seem to appear next year when Doctor Who celebrates its 60th birthday.

*HUGE* Lego Doctor Who Game Leaked?! - Releasing Next Year? | New Doctor Who Game Rumour

The Doctor Who Set for Lego Dimensions has sold the rumor best. There it seems near to worry about a corresponding game.

Allegedly, the game is being developed and all Doctor Whos’s included. The story, however, is a new, not yet announced Doctor, who should interact with the others by time travel.

Furthermore, many of the levels should turn around the Victorian England, where TT Games should also have selected key episodes to make this level.