Black Desert Online

Pulse Biss Last Year 72.6% drop,

Purt, Bis announced on the 15th, 2021 annual and 4Q earnings.

Pulse, Bis recorded 4,03.8 billion won in sales and operating profit of W403.8bn in 2021, and W61.1bn on net profit of W61.1bn. For sales, we dropped about 17.4% YoY, and operating profit fell 72.6%.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, we have achieved W118bn in sales and operating profit of W25.7bn. Each of the previous year is 11.7% and 28.5% YoY, and it seems that the black desert and Eve’s global performance and investment have been shown to show positive indicators. In fact, black deserts accounted for 82% of the 4Q overseas sales of overseas sales.

The proportion of sales by platform has occupied 75% of the total sales of the PC / console platform and continuously increasing. On the other hand, the mobile division is continuously decreasing. It was 15% lower than the same period last year, and the average decrease is continuing.

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Pulse, Bis will make competitiveness in the global market based on IP expansion in 2022. First, we are preparing for a black desert mobile Chinese service. Recently, the third test was successfully completed, and new IP, such as red desert, and bishop, and new IP is also developed through the Bis next-generation game engine.

Bis CFO said, “We will continue to launch the Black Desert and Eve’s stable live service, focus on the launch of the Black Desert Mobile and the new IP marketing of the Black Desert Mobile.” I will lead you to lose it. “