Dr. Disrespect claims that MMOS does not need skill

Herschel beautified, most of you certainly as a streamer named Dr. med. Know disrepect, is a confessing shooter fan. During his streams he plays, among other things, games like Call of Duty Warzone and other representatives of this genre. He has recently established his own developer studio working on an ego shooter. From MMOS like the currently very popular Lost Ark, however, he holds little. Recently, he indirectly claimed that such games do not require real skills.

That’s the say Disrespect over skill in mmos

During a stream with his camerades Timthatan came exactly this topic. The latter explained that he was enthusiastic about Lost Ark and have fun with the MMO. This could Disrespect absolutely not understand, he reacted with incomprehension to the statement. Then he asked his colleague where the skill would be seen when playing from MMOS.

_ “Where is the skill of the skill? So a skill, who is really recognizable at the individual players. What are you going to tell yourself? If I watch Shroud, how he slows the game and then watch you at the gaming of the game., MMO are these types of games where I can not recognize who is the better player. “_

This says Dr. Disrespect in principle that in his opinion does not require a special can to be successful in a MMO. [H2]

Why PVP in MMOs is so hard to balance - Power vs Skill

Hat Dr. Disrespect with his statement right? [/ H2] The streamer’s thesis caused some heated minds during the stream, which were all other as agreed with the assertion. In fact, there are some aspects in many MMOs that require fast response times (PVP) or perfect teamwork (dungeons and battles) from the players. Maybe Dr. Disrespect just provoking only, because its basic dislike against MMOS has been known for some time.

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