Mercys ULT resuscitation revival and supporting Symmetra, etc. The second creator Experimental second edition appeared!

MERCY'S MASS REZ IS BACK! Looking at Experimental Mercy Changes
Blizzard Entertainment has launched a new experimental card “ Creator Experimental Card ” of Team Action Shooter “ Overwatch ” (a defect paused due to a defect Resume things.

The Creator Experimental Card is an experimental mode that adds bold changes to the game balance by the selected profile or distributor. This time Jake_ow and W_NTED have a Damaged hero, Lemonkiwi tank hero, ML7Support has been working with support heroes.

The tank hero has become more tanked by strengthening the coordination of the coordination, and Mercy’s Ultimate Ability has revived, and the game has a large game, such as Singlametra’s Support Heroing (Sentry Turret-Current Recovery) It is the content that changes. Please check the detailed patch note on the official site.

“Creator Experimental Card” is not a coordination aimed at implementing the main story, unlike PTR (Public Test Region), but also a prize comes with a prizes “Experimental CUP”. The period is from February 19 to 21, and the appearance of the tournament is delivered on the Overwatch League Official YouTube Channel and Playoverwatch’s Twitch Channel.